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Data Lake | Data Warehousing

Strategy & Assessment

Data Strategy & Assessment

As enterprises increasingly seek to leverage heterogenous information (structured, unstructured & semi-structured) & infrastructure (cloud & on-premise), getting the data architecture & strategy right is critical to driving successful outcomes.

Visual BI’s experts can work with you to define, evaluate and rationalize the right data & analytics strategy that optimally serves your business needs.

Data Lake & Data Warehousing

Executive Workshops

Brainstorming sessions for business leaders & executives to understand needs & analyze options

Data Lake & Data Warehousing

Proof of Concepts

Validate choice of architecture, platform & tools for data lakes, with the option to leverage Visual BI Labs

Data Lake & Data Warehousing

Agile implementations

Facilitate faster go-to-market and enhanced ROI through successful data lake & warehouse implementations


Visual BI led a bleeding edge, 13-week implementation of Data Warehousing & Analytics on the Cloud for KMG Chemicals. The success story was also showcased in SAPPHIRE’ 18.

Our experts have helped enterprises define a strategy for Data Lakes / Warehousing, Hybrid on-premise + Cloud BI, Self-Service BI, EIM / Data Integration and Advanced Analytics.

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