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SAP Web Intelligence


SAP Web Intelligence (WebI)

This instructor-led, custom training & workshops have been designed for enterprises that aim to enhance Web Intelligence competency in the organization. The program typically lasts 2-3 days, and is offered in two formats:

  • Training: A slightly longer format at your own workplace customized to suit your needs
  • Workshop: Prescheduled sessions conducted in different cities where you have the option to learn along with industry peers

At the end of the SAP Web Intelligence training / workshop, participants will be able to

  • Understand the role of SAP Web Intelligence in the overall SAP BI portfolio
  • Create interactive reports by connecting to SAP BusinessObjects Universes
  • Collaborate with other users by preparing and sharing insights

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Course Outline

Creating simple & ad-hoc reports
Connecting to various data sources
Displaying data in Tables, Maps and Charts
Using filters, prompts and input controls
Ranking and drilling on report data
Using breaks, sections and sorts
Using conditional formatting
Exporting & printing Web Intelligence reports

Linking filter elements
Creating summary & detailed reports
Linking reports using document link & OpenDoc URL
Using variables, functions & formulae
Using Hierarchies
Using combined queries & dimension-based merging
Scheduling and publishing reports

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